Packet - TOMATO- GREEN ZEBRA, organic seed, heirloom

TOMATO- GREEN ZEBRA, organic seed, heirloom

Solanum lycopersicum

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A fascinating variety producing high yields of attractive 1½ - 2½" yellow - green fruits with dark green stripes. Tomatoes have the old fashioned sweet zingy tomato flavour and stay green when mature.  Excellent for salads, sandwiches and sauces. Indeterminate, 75-80 days from transplant. Heirloom.
  • A popular green fruited tomato, 'Green Zebra' has an in-built colour marker that produces yellow stripes indicating when it is ripe. Bred by the creator of hundreds of 'modern heirlooms', Tom Wagner. Firm, crack-resistant fruits have zingy flavour. It's early and the colour confuses the pest.

  • Sow in spring 1/16 inch deep.  Germination takes around 6-14 days at 65-75F.

  • Transplant the seedlings when large enough to handle into 3 inch pots.  Grow on under cooler conditions and when about 8 inches tall, either plant in their growing position in the greenhouse or gradually acclimatise them to outdoor conditions and plant out 18 inches apart in a warm and sunny spot in moist, fertile well drained soil and keep watered.

  • Provide support and tie in regularly.  Remove side shoots and restrict the plant to one main stem.  In late summer remove the growing tip to hasten ripening.

Packet 10 seeds