Packet - Dwarf French Bean BOSTON - organic seeds

Dwarf French Bean BOSTON - organic seeds

Phaseolus vulgaris

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Dark green super tasy variety!
Height 45 cm.
The length of the pods is 14-15 cm. Also ideal for growing in a pot / container.
Beans are a fairly drought-resistant crop, but still need a lot of water to form a normal crop.
Regular harvesting increases yields. It is recommended to pick the pods for food at a young age, if the seeds are not yet ripe.
May-June in the open field. Plant spacing: 20 x30 cm
Beans are light and heat-demanding plants. The seeds begin to germinate only at 10-12 ° C and the optimal growth temperature is 20-25 ° C. Recommended sowing time in May-June open field.

Packet 10 seeds