Packet - BROCCOLI - EARLY PURPLE SPROUTING - organic seeds


Brassica oleracea

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Purple Sprouting Broccoli Rudolph is an early variety that produces rich purple spears of excellent quality. It can crop from October from early under cover sowings until Feb from late sowings. A great one for your Christmas dinner.

April to May (outside) or March to April (under cover).

Sow thinly in a seed-bed 1cm deep in rows 10cm apart. They can also be sown under cover in pots, 2 seeds to a pot, then remove the weaker one. In mid-summer transplant to final growing position, place 60cm apart. You could sow a catch crop underneath like lettuce until the plants reach full size.

Keep watered in dry periods. Add lots of organic matter as a top-dressing as they are hungry plants and this also helps to retain moisture. The broccoli will reach 1m and will require staking, so it is best to support it with a short cane. Pigeons love the young shoots so cover with netting or tin foil on canes.

Packet 40 seeds