Packet - BROCCOLI - DE CICCIO - organic seeds

BROCCOLI - DE CICCIO - organic seeds

Brassica oleracea

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One of the best of the old-fashioned Italian brocolis, this Italian heirloom variety is suitable for fall and spring sowing. De Ciccio is a compact plant and very productive producing an early central blue-green head, followed by numerous side shoots into early summer. We recommend you harvest the main head when it is 3" in diameter - this will encourage more side shoots. The leaves can also be used as spring greens

Days To Maturity: 90
Days To Germination:  7-10
Planting Depth: 1/8 inch
Spacing, Row:  24-36 inches
Spacing, Plant:  12-18 inches
Light:  Mostly Sunny Location

Packet 50 seeds