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Capsicum annuum

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The standard bell pepper for many decades, this 1928 Heirloom variety is still the largest open-pollinated, bell you can grow, and a big improvement over the earlier bells. Consistently produces huge yields of blocky, 3" X 4", 4-lobed thick-walled fruit that are mild and sweet, under a wide variety of conditions. Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Harvest 75 days after planting out. Heirloom.

Germinates: 10-21 days
Days To Harvest: 75 days
Planting Depth: 1/8 inch
Spacing, Seed: 1 inches
Spacing, Plant: 15 inches
Light: Full Sun, Warm location, Greenhouse

Sow seeds 1/4" deep in 3in pots with quality seed compost. and keep moist. Seedlings emerge in 10-21 days. Transplant to containers when seedlings have at least two pairs of leaves.When 4-5 inches plant 15-20" apart in greenhouse. Keep moist and feed with tomato type fertiliser. 

Packet 10 seeds