Packet - Spinach RENEGADE F1, organic seed

Spinach RENEGADE F1, organic seed

Spinacia oleracea

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This variety can be grown throughout the season. After 6 weeks, the spinach has already very good leaf quality and superb aroma.

Growing spinach is relatively easy and can be done both outdoors and in a greenhouse. Here are some important steps to grow spinach:

  1. Choose a suitable location: Spinach prefers moist and fertile soil and partial shade. Choose a spot where the soil is light and well-drained. Also, make sure the chosen spot gets at least 4-6 hours of sunlight per day.

  2. Prepare the soil: If your chosen spot is full of grass, remove it and dig up the soil. Add organic material such as manure, compost, or decayed leaves to enrich the soil with nutrients.

  3. Plant the seeds: Spinach seeds should be planted in spring or fall, depending on the region. Make planting holes about 1.5-2 cm deep and place the seeds in them, leaving gaps about 15-20 cm apart. If you plant multiple rows, leave gaps about 30-40 cm between rows to give enough space for spinach to grow.

  4. Water regularly: Spinach needs regular watering, especially in hot weather. Make sure the soil is moist but not too wet. Water the plants in the morning or evening to avoid sunburn.

  5. Take care of the plants: When spinach starts to grow, make sure it gets enough nutrients and light. If the plants start growing too densely, thin them out, leaving a gap of 7-10 cm between plants.

  6. Harvest the crop: Spinach is ready to harvest about 40-50 days after planting the seeds. Harvest young leaves and stems, leaving some leaves on the plant to grow. Harvest frequently to ensure new crops grow.

Growing spinach is easy and fun, and it gives you fresh and healthy food. Follow these steps and enjoy your homegrown spinach crop!

Packet 150 seeds