Packet - SPINACH - THORIN, organic seed

SPINACH - THORIN, organic seed

Spinacia oleracea

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Improved Matador. High yielding, second early variety with large, tender leaves. For spring or autumn cultivation and for overwintering. Late to shoot. Slower growing than 'Butterflay'.


Sowing depth: ca. 3 cmAmount of seed needed: leaf spinach: 300-400 g/a; 60-80 seeds per running meter

spinach heads: 150-200 g/a; ca. 30-50 seeds per running meter

Planting distance: between rows ca. 30 cmDirect sowing: spring: beginning of March till mid of April

summer: end of April till mid of July

autumn: end of July till mid of August

overwintering: end of August till mid of September

Packet 80 seeds