Packet - COURGETTE - ZAPHITO - seeds


Cucubrita pepo

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Zaphito is botanically a squash but can be used as young fruit like a courgette. The skin is edible!. The fruits should be harvested when they are 8-12 cm long and with a pale green colour.

The fruits have yellow flesh. The plants are non-trailing but can grow 1 metre long. The taste is reminiscent of fresh peas.
Fruit weight: 0.25-0.4 kg

Sowing depth: 2-3 cm
Germination temperature: above 20 °C 
Planting distance: 120-200 x 50-100 cm
Direct sowing: from mid of May after the frosts
Optimal amount of plants: 1-1.3 plants/m²

Packet 5 seeds