Packet - CORIANDER - CONFETTI - organic seeds

CORIANDER - CONFETTI - organic seeds

Coriandrun sativum

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An annual or biennial herb (Coriandrun sativum), of the Parsley Family. This variety is unusual for its fine foliage resembling carrot tops, but retains all the scent and flavour of standard large leafed coriander.
  • Ideal for containers / windowsills or open ground with well draining soil and full sun
  • Can be sown heated undercover or indoors 6 weeks before planting out or directly outdoors after the last frost. 
  • Germination takes 7-14 days depending on temperature.
  • These do not like being disturbed with thinnings unlikely to prosper.
  • Harden off before planting out seedlings raised under-cover.
  • Plants should ideally be spaced 9-12 inches apart and will grow to around 18-24 inches at maturity.
  • Plants mature from germination in 6-8 weeks.

Packet 40 seeds