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Kills parasites! Wormwood - organic seeds

Artemisia absinthium

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The parasite-killing, cancer-fighting super herb. An old medicinal herb used for cuts and bruises, to treat indigestion, help with fever and infections and as a type of insect repellent.

Wormwood is used to eliminate intestinal worms, especially roundworms and pinworms.  Kills cancer cells, fights malaria and many other diseases.

An attractive silvery grey foliage with bright yellow flowers. Ideal comination with bright coloured flowers. Strongly aromatic foliage. Grows about 3 ft. tall and 2 ft. across. Was used also as an ingredient in the liquor absinthe.  In large quantities this herb is toxic but its bitter taste helps to keep it in portion. Plant on full sun. Thrives in well drained dry conditions.

Sow from March to June in pots or trays under-cover.

Packet 200 seeds