Packet - STEVIA REBAUDIANA - organic seeds

STEVIA REBAUDIANA - organic seeds

Stevia rebaudiana

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Grown in South America for many centuries the leaves are widely recognized and used for their extremely sweet properties which are up to 30 times greater than sugar. The plant can reach 35-40 cm with hairy green foliage and small white flowers around Sep-Oct.

The seed can be difficult to germinate if the conditions provided are not exactly correct. 

Sow finely in a heated propagator or pot covered with a piece of glass placed in a warm draft free location.  The seeds need humidity and light to germinate, do not cover the seeds. 

Fine well draining seed compost is required and the surface should be kept moist, not overwatered.  Germination soil temp 18-25C.

When seedlings appear remove from the propagator or remove the glass from the pot and ensure good ventilation to encourage strong growth.

Prick out to larger pots / trays when large enough to handle and grow on under-cover in a warm environment.

Can be planted out in late spring after all danger of frost has passed.

Pinch out growing tips to encourage a good plant structure.

The plants are not winter hardy.

Packet 5 seeds