Packet - KALE - Dwarf Green Curled - organic seeds

KALE - Dwarf Green Curled - organic seeds

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A dwarf extremely hardy variety producing tender, crinkled leaves on compact plants reaching 12-15" high with a spread of 20-35".  Extremely hardy and productive for over winter crops.
  • Plant in spring as soon as the ground can be worked or best in autumn for an over-winter crop.

  • Sow 1/4 to 1/2" deep, 1" apart in rows 18-30" apart. Thin seedlings to 8-12" apart which can be transplanted or eaten.

  • Kale germinates best in cool to warm soil temperatures with even moisture.

  • Choose an area with full sun and a soil pH of 6.0-7.0.

  • Enrich the soil with compost or well-rotted manure.

  • Harvest by clipping individual leaves


  • Kale is very hardy and quality actually improves after a frost.

Packet 50 seeds