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Cucurbita maxima

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A rarely seen winter squash variety in the UK, this is an impressive and reliable producer of huge fruits even in poor UK summers.  

The vines have the potential to grow to 20ft in any direction, but are easily contained by turning them back to centre.  Large, pink banana-shaped fruit are produced in abundance and average 15-20lb but can easily grow to 50-60lb (4ft long) during good summers with care.  The fruits are fine flavored, dry with sweet orange flesh and store well in a cool frost free location.



  • A sunny spot protected from strong winds is essential.
  • The soil must be well drained and rich in humus, the more the better.  I fill each hole at least 12” square with garden compost and paper at the bottom into which goes a single plant. For bush varieties 24in between each plant is fine – 48in for vines.
  • Many winter Squash / Pumpkins like to sprawl out and need plenty of space. Vining Squash / Pumpkins require a larger area to run, whilst semi-vining and bush varieties of winter squash / courgette can be well contained.  If space is tight just keep turning the branches back to the centre to prevent spreading and over-running other plants.

Packet 5 seeds