Packet - CARROT EARLY - EARLY NANTES 2, organic seed, heirloom

CARROT EARLY - EARLY NANTES 2, organic seed, heirloom

Daucus carota

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A fast maturing variety, perfect for early sowings, producing blunt tipped medium length roots with almost no core. Exceptionally sweet, perfect for summer salads or accompanying new potatoes. Heirloom.

Height: 14-16 inches 
Spacing: 2-3 inches between plants, 12-14 inches between rows 
Seed Depth: 1/4-1/2 inch 
Sun/Shade: full sun 
Germination: 10-15 days 
Days To Maturity: 60










  • Dig or till the carrot bed deeply when the soil is on the dry side to avoid making lumps.

  • Work the soil to a fine texture 10-15cm (6-10 in.) deep.

  • Avoid freshly-manured soil, which may produce hairy, rough roots and will cause forks and splits;

  • Sow seed thinly in rows, 1cm (1/2 in.) deep, 20-30cm between the rows as soon as the danger of hard frost has passed. Try to get about 4 seeds per 2cm (1 in.).

  • Thin to 16-20 carrots per 30 cm (1ft.) as this variety is picked young and small.

  • Keep weeded and watered.

  • Dispose of any thinned seedlings to avoid attracting Carrot Fly.

  • As they grow, push soil up over any exposed roots to prevent a green shoulder.

  • Can be companion planted between onions or with marigolds to help reduce Carrot Fly problems.

Packet 200 seeds