Packet - ITALIAN HEIRLOOM BEETROOT - CHIOGGIA, organic seed, heirloom


Beta vulgaris

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A wonderful Italian Heirloom variety from the Venice region. The nicely ball-shaped roots are light red in colour instead of the usual beetroot. However, it’s when they are sliced that they reveal their surprise as the flesh consists of highly ornamental, contrasting dark pink and white alternating rings with a deliciously mild flavour. Very early, thriving in almost any soil and situation, it can be sown from April to July for harvesting in about 8-10 weeks.
  • Sow seeds in situ in Spring after the last frost when the ground has warmed up and then plant successive sowings to early summer.

  • Thinly Sow 1cm deep in rows 30cm apart. Thin seedlings to 8cm apart.

  • Early sowings can be made indoors / heated greenhouse in modules / trays and planted out at 5cm tall after all risk of frost has passed.

  • Pre soaking seed in warm water 0.5 - 1 hour before sowing will speed up germination.

Packet 100 seeds