Packet - SWEET CORN- GOLDEN BANTAM, organic seed, heirloom

SWEET CORN- GOLDEN BANTAM, organic seed, heirloom

Zea mays

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A popular and reliable Non Hybrid Heirloom variety introduced around 1902. The plants are robust growing in cooler conditions than modern varieties and reaching 5ft. The stems bear 2 ears / cobs with an outstanding deep sweet flavour which have maintained the varieties popularity.

Ensure the growing location has good drainage and enough humus to ensure the ground will not dry too quickly. Sow in early spring under cover in 3in pots 1in deep for the earliest crop at a minimum temp of 50F, warmth will aid germination rates. Harden off before planting out. Alternatively sow directly outside in late spring allowing 18in between plants and 18in between rows. Sweet corn must be planted in blocks, not as a single row to ensure good pollination. Cover any roots that appear at the base with mulch or old compost to retain moisture. Do not allow the crop to dry out during hot weather whilst flowering. Each plant will produce 1-2 cobs, test for ripeness when the silks have turned chocolate brown. A creamy liquid should come from the grains when squeezed, when fully ripe.

Packet 10 seeds