Packet - Zucchini ALBERELLO, organic seed, heirloom

Zucchini ALBERELLO, organic seed, heirloom

Cucurbita pepo

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Alberello is a light-coloured, rankless courgette with marbled fruits. Open growth, generous and early fruit formation. The flesh has a delicate consistency and a fine buttery taste. Biodynamic Demeter seeds. Italian Heirloom.

Earns its nickname 'Little Tree of Sarzano' due to its compact bushy growth and prolonged productivity. This variety yields light green fruits speckled with white, perfect for smaller gardens, greenhouses, or open fields. Regular removal of powdery mildew-affected leaves is necessary, although the plant naturally resists viruses. Its vigorous nature yields slightly ridged, flavorful zucchinis that remain tender even when large. Renowned for frying, it also produces abundant blossoms suitable for cooking. Originating from South America, zucchinis made their way to Europe in the 16th century, with their flowers holding sacred significance for Andean cultures. To ensure optimal flavor and texture, harvest zucchinis while still young with a white, compact flesh, boasting high water content.

Raise in seed bed: from mid of April for planting out from mid of May after the last frosts

Sowing depth: ca. 3 cm

Seed germination temperature: 18-20 °C

Planting distance: ca. 100 x 100 cm

Direct sowing: from mid of May

Demeter is the quality mark for produce that has been grown biodynamically and the products that use both Demeter produce and approved processes. Named after the Greek goddess of agriculture, this quality mark ensures that food meets the highest quality standards, carefully grown, gently processed and packed. Demeter products are always certified to both organic and Demeter standards.
Demeter was founded in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner and is therefore the oldest organic farming association in Germany. The products of biodynamic agriculture are highly regarded by consumers and are produced under strict guidelines.

The Demeter trademark is the only global brand to recognise certified products and produce that is biodynamic. Our strict standards go above and beyond organic, providing you with premium quality products. Demeter products are always certified to both organic and Demeter standards.

The EU organic label sets a minimum standard for organically produced food. Demeter’s philosophy and farming methods, however, go far beyond this standard. This benefits the quality of the food as much as the environment. For example, a focus on soil quality and regeneration with required preservation of biodiversity. The consistent development of the standards and regular inspections results in the highest quality produce and products.

Biodynamic Benefits

  • 100% conversion of the farm to biodynamic land
  • Animals integrated into the arable farming system, supporting soil regeneration
  • All farm animals are fed a 100 percent organic diet of which at least 80 percent of the feed ration for ruminants, and at least 50 percent of all other animals, must be biodynamically produced.
  • A minimum of 50 per cent of the fodder comes from the farm itself or a nearby partner, supporting the ideal of a closed system.
  • No painful dehorning of cows, debeaking of poultry or docking of tails. Animals are treated with respect as sentient beings.
  • Use of biodynamic preparations, from herbs, minerals and cow manure, to stimulate soil regeneration and essential organism growth.
  • Demeter farmers use biodynamic seed, guaranteeing no genetic modification of any kind
  • Only a limited number of absolutely necessary additives are permitted in processing. Iodisation, the use of nitrates and ‘natural’ flavours are prohibited. Only flavour extracts are permitted. The EU organic standard still allows additives that Demeter biodynamic standards prohibit. (

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