Packet - BLACK TORTILLA CORN, organic seed, heirloom

BLACK TORTILLA CORN, organic seed, heirloom

Zea mays

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Strong-growing variety of sweet corn with long, narrow cobs and shiny black soft kernels. Well-suited to making tortillas or, mixed in a ration of 1/3 with yellow corn, pink polenta.

Temperature requirements: high

Nutrient requirements: high

Seed spacing between the row: 40 cm

Seed spacing in the row: 20 cm

Sowing depth: 3-4 cm

It will produce long thin ears with black corn seeds. Harvest at full maturity of the grain, when it is hard and the husk is dry. Sowing and cultivation: Sow directly in place, after the last frosts.

ProSpecieRara: This variety has been awarded by ProSpecieRara as a rare or old variety. ProSpecieRara is a foundation dedicated to preserving the diversity of rare plant varieties.

Packet 10 seeds