Packet - CHINESE CABBAGE - GRANAAT, organic seed


Rassica rapa subsp pekinensis

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Mid to early Chinese cabbage with tall, slim, closed heads. For autumn growing only. Powerful aromatic flavour, good consistency and firm leaves. Ideal for steaming and stir fry. Cultivation Sowing depth: ca. 1 cm Raise in seed bed: beginning of July till end of July for planting out from end of July till mid of August Seed germination temperature: 18-22 °C Planting distance: Chinese cabbage: ca. 50 x 40 cm

Good Companions: Beetroot, Carrots, Salads.
Bad Companions: Radish, Potatoes, Garlic, Onions

Plant 4mm deep in seedling trays, when 6cm high plant out into final spacing of 40 x 40cm in full sun.

Packet 20 seeds