Packet - PENNYROYAL MINT - organic seeds

PENNYROYAL MINT - organic seeds

Mentha pulegium

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Pennyroyal, medicinal herb with pretty mauve flowers. Can be used sparingly for culinary and medicinal properties and can be toxic in excess. 25cm

Creeping pennyroyal, Mentha pulegium, is a traditional cottage garden plant in the mint family. Typically found in marshy soils, ditches and around the edges of ponds, it’s a moisture-loving plant, and does best when grown in damp conditions.

Its dark green leaves have a strong peppermint aroma, and release their fragrance when rubbed or crushed underfoot. Spreading by adventitious roots, pennyroyal will quickly cover the ground, making it a great alternative to the traditional grass lawn, particularly in damp, shady gardens. Let the plants spill over pathways so you release their heady aroma as you walk along.

From mid to late summer, pretty lilac-blue flowers appear on stout stems, which attract bees and other pollinators.

Despite its traditional uses as a medicine and culinary herb (often used as a seasoning for pork dishes), pennyroyal is rarely used as such today. Its flavour is considered far too strong for our palates. However, the leaves may be infused in hot water to make a strong mint tea.

  • Sun exposure: Dappled shade, full sun
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Soil type: Clay / heavy / moist

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