Packet - FENUGREEK - organic seeds

FENUGREEK - organic seeds

Trigonella foenum-graecum

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Used as leaf crop sold as fresh bunched greens for curry. Herb with Impressive Health Benefits.

Fenugreek is an herb long used in alternative medicine. It’s a common ingredient in Indian dishes and often taken as a supplement.

This herb may have numerous health benefits.

Fenugreek is a plant that stands around 2–3 feet (60–90 cm) tall. It has green leaves, small white flowers, and pods that contain small, golden-brown seeds.

For thousands of years, fenugreek has been used in alternative and Chinese medicine to treat skin conditions and many other diseases.

Recently, it has become a common household spice and thickening agent. It can also be found in products, such as soap and shampoo.

Fenugreek seeds and powder are also used in many Indian dishes for their nutritional profile and slightly sweet, nutty taste.

Packet 200 seeds