Packet - COMMON MALLOW - organic seeds

COMMON MALLOW - organic seeds

Malva sylvestris L.

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A Strangely Erotic Medicinal Powerhouse.

Bearing one of the more appropriate species names, this much maligned edible and medicinal plant has been used as a synonym for loathsomely boring even by the Biblical Old Testament. Like a soul without culture, mallow has often been regarded like a cold and clinically living noun. The vast amount of modern literature naming Malva neglecta do so with a mind for eradication, or simply as a footnote in an ecological list of wayside things; however, there is more to the story. This same plant that you step on as a weed in your lawn has been utilized in sex magic and poetry for millennia and its uses as a medicinal herb by the ancient sages of proto-science are legion. Science is now beginning to discover new pharmacological properties of this plant, and — hey — I find it to be a pretty tasty plant.
Sometimes delicate streaks of color can be seen radiating outwards from the center of the flower. Strangely, the stigma are elongated and tend to twine around the stamens making self-fertilization likely if not inevitable. The fruits are shaped like small green-lobed wheels with a circular indentation around the center This generally low spreading plant has viscous and mucilaginous qualities when crushed

Source: pullupyourplants.medium

Packet 200 seeds