Packet - Summer Savory - organic seeds

Summer Savory - organic seeds

Satureja hortensis

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An annual herb, Satureja hortensis is a low-growing plant that belongs to the mint family (Lamiaceae) and is related to rosemary and thyme. Used for millennia as a seasoning, it also has medicinal properties and was once popular in love potions as an aphrodisiac!

Native to the eastern Mediterranean and the Caucasus, it’s a highly aromatic herb and features a hot, peppery flavor with notes of majoram,  mint and thyme. Its flavor is also similar to that of its perennial cousin, winter savory – although the winter variety has a slightly more bitter, earthy taste.

It’s a key ingredient in classic herb blends like bouquet garni and fines herbes. And is indispensable for kicking up mild foods without overpowering them.

Use it to brighten everything from omelets to chowders. Or combine it with snipped chives, lemon and mayonnaise to coat chicken or fish.

Plant size: Height Up To 45cm (17.7in)
Spread Up To 30cm (11.8in)

Hardy annual.

Ideal for patios, kitchen garden

Full sun

Packet 100 seeds