Packet - GERMAN CHAMOMILE - organic seeds

GERMAN CHAMOMILE - organic seeds

Chamomilla recutit

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German Chamomile (Matricaria recuita) is a pleasantly sweet scented native annual herb with small, white, highly aromatic, Daisy-like flowers. These are traditional dried and have been used in numerous treatments from toothache to hemorrhoids for centuries.

Do not cover soil.

They are also used in flavouring such things as the liqueur Benedictine and for enhancing fruit flavours.  Unlike its similar (Roman) cousin this is a taller plant reaching 24-30” with fern-like light green and feathery whereas Roman chamomile has finely divided parsley-like leaves that are thicker and flatter than German chamomile. German chamomile does well in poor, clay soil whereas its close cousin, the Roman chamomile prefers well-drained and moderately fertile soil. Although both chamomiles thrive in open, sunny locations, German chamomile is best in hot, drier locations . It will also grow in lightly-shaded areas.

  • Direct broadcast sow seed outdoors, sparingly onto soil that has been raked to a fine till cleared of any annual weeds and rake in gently, being careful not to bury seeds.


  • Best sown from early spring onwards.


  • Thin for a final spacing of 4-6”.

Harvest flower heads regularly for best yields

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