Packet - HERB - ROSEMARY - organic seeds

HERB - ROSEMARY - organic seeds

Rosemarinus officinalis

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An attractive evergreen aromatic perennial shrub, with grey-green pinnate leaves, producing, small and pale blue/pink flowers, growing to 6ft if allowed unchecked. Classic herb has a spicy flavour used extensively to season meats and vegetables.
  • Sow in pots, covering a liberal amount of the seeds lightly (with compost).

  • Start indoors in a dark room, as this will aid germination. 

  • The optimum soil temperature should be around 15c (60f).

  • Although rosemary can take up to 3 months before germination outside, you should see some results in about 2-3 weeks if kept at the correct temperature.

  • Once germinated place in a warm, sunny position and when 20cm (4inches) high they may be planted out.

  • Rosemary prefers well drained soil, in a sunny, sheltered spot.

Packet 15 seeds