Packet - Cornflower wildflower, organic seed

Cornflower wildflower, organic seed

Centaurea cyanus

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Estonian national flower. Medicinal herb.

Cornflower is a herb. The dried flowers are used to make medicine.

People take cornflower tea to treat fever, consipation, water retention, and chest congestion. They also take it as a tonic, bitter, and liver and bladder stimulant. Women take it for menstrual disorders and vaginal yeast infections.
Some people apply cornflower directly to the eye or irritation or discomfort.

In foods, cornflower is used in herbal teas to provide color.

Flower borders and beds, patios, containers, city and courtyard gardens, cottage and informal gardens, cut flower garden.

Water plants whenever necessary to keep the soil or compost moist during spring and summer, as this will prolong flowering.

Remove any competing weeds while the plants are young and establishing.

Packet 100 seeds